Hello lovely people! I’m Gail, a happy moments Photographer born and raised in the wonderfully sunny Midlands!

My photography journey started a few years back, when I found myself wandering around this wonderful sphere we call home, one winter season at a time, without the money or tools to document it properly

Following my travels I found myself back at home with a bit of time to spare and a resounding urge to throw myself into everything ‘Photography’, making memories and capturing them for people at every opportunity.

So, I bought myself a camera, started a night school, followed it with a college course, combined it with a lot of practice and here we are, several years later and here to take lovely pictures of you and your loved ones, for those special moments in life. I shoot weddings, engagement shoots, family portraits and even shoots with our marvellous four legged friends!

I have found my best self through taking pictures in a creative and honest way, capturing moments and emotions of people and finding pure joy in producing beautiful snapshots of memories to keep for a lifetime.